Working At Heights Training Adelaide

Working At Heights Training Adelaide

“Working at heights” is whenever people and objects are at risk of falling from, into or through one level to another or at risk of hitting others below with falling objects. When working at height, preparation and planning are essential. Falls from height can leave employees with permanent and debilitating injuries. Falls often occur from roofs, scaffolds, ladders, trucks and mezzanine floors or into pits or holes, although falls from a height can result in serious injury.

The working at heights course Adelaide provided by the industry leading team here at AST, offers safety training for all persons who work at heights. The course covers general safety obligations, workplace responsibilities, personal fall protection, ladder safety and more. The accredited unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to work safely on construction sites where the work activity involves working at various heights and where fall protection measures are required.

Employees will study a range of Working at Heights course competencies that can be applied to a multitude of industries. Through our training in Adelaide, they’ll be able to work safely from heights, actively participate in or perform a first response rescue should the situation arise and conduct a vertical rescue operation if required.

When you are exposed to the phrases “working at heights Adelaide” or even “working at heights training Adelaide”, your mind should pinpoint to one company. The finest team of accredited individuals here at AST. With a plethora of experience in delivering exceptional working at heights training Adelaide, we are your number one solution. If you are seeking a reliable course that will train your employees on working safely from heights, contact us directly today. Alternatively, you can book your place safely and quickly through our website.


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