Prestan Manikins Australia

 Prestan Manikins Australia

Welcome to Adelaide Safety Training, home of the prestan manikins Australia. We administer prestan manikins Australia to our clients and utilise them for our CPR courses as well! CPR instructors need the best equipment to teach their students CPR training; this does not only include CPR training for adults, but also for children. Fortunately, instructors can count on a large range of prestan manikins Australia from Adelaide Safety Training.

What Is the First Benefit of Prestan Manikins for CPR Training?

One of the biggest benefits of a Prestan Manikin is its realism. Prestan manikins Australia are made to resemble real-life patients, and this certainly adds a lot more realism to CPR training overall. Customers can acquire Prestan Manikins in three different skin tones; this depends on store availability. Available skin tones include light (most common version), medium, and dark. So, if you want to make sure your range of manikins is diverse, Prestan can deliver your manikins in a variety of skin tones.

What Is the Second Benefit of Prestan Manikins for CPR Training?

Prestan Manikins are also lightweight. In fact, Prestan claims that their manikins are less than half the weight of their nearest competitor. Now, this can be an interesting fact for instructors who must travel to different locations to provide CPR training. The lighter weight of Prestan Manikins makes them easier to transport. Prestan Manikins available at AST are also accompanied by a useful carry bag; this makes the transport of CPR manikins and other equipment even easier.

When you hear the phrase “prestan manikins Australia” your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company. AST. We have stabilised ourselves as the industry pioneers and administer informative and accredited first aid courses to suit your needs and aspirations. We also offer a wide range of our course equipment and products to our clients. For quotes and pricing, feel free to contact us directly.


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