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Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguisher Training

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Adelaide Safety Training offer s complete hands-on fire safety training courses fo] all workplaces in Adelaide. and we even travel out and around South Australia for groups of more than 10. We will come to your workplace to deliver the course.

Fire extinguishers are there to keep you safe, but if they are not used correctly by personnel, tested and maintained, you can’t be certain that they will function in an emergency.

By training your personnel in fire extinguisher training and conducting regular fire drills, your organisation will ensure that your personnel are ready to deal with any workplace fire promptly and safely.


Fire extinguisher training for Adelaide businesses involves a combination of both practical and theoretical training in how to safely operate fire equipment and how to safely extinguish workplace fires. Our fire extinguisher training courses are only conducted by experienced training personnel. Our trainers can walk you through the requirements of operating fire extinguishers and fire equipment safely.

Our Complete Fire Safety Training Courses include:

• Evacuation training
• Fire extinguisher training and practical hands on training
• Fire drills and workplace emergency training
• Fire triangle
• Fire extinguisher legislative and regulatory requirements
• Fire extinguisher training requirements
• Raising the alarm
• Classes of fire
• Types of fire extinguishers
• Safety procedures when fighting fires
• Firefighting tactics
• Fire hose and reel training
• Fire blanket training

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

PRACTICAL SESSIONS: Using a fire extinguisher, fire hose reel and fire blanket. participants will gain hands-on practical experience with fire-fighting equipment They will
also be instructed in correct firefighting tactics and safety procedures.


Adelaide Safety Training provides realistic workplace fire extinguisher training using the Bull EX ITS Live-Fire Training System. This system uses air and water in a standard fire extinguisher instead of messy and costly dry chemicals or CO2. This allows us to train large groups in a clean and cost-effective manner. This environmentally friendly-fire training equipment allows learners to extinguish a real fire in an environmentally-friendly way. Our fire extinguisher training is conducted using fire systems that are safe and certified. These systems ensure that we can safely provide fire training on-site at any workplace.


For your staff to safely combat workplace fires, they need fire extinguisher training to learn how to safely operate fire extinguishers and fire equipment. In many cases our Fire )Safety Training Course offers people their first experience in actually using a fire extinguisher. Where possible, all personnel at the workplace should undergo fire extinguisher training so that they are comfortable in the operation of fire equipment. Being able to use fire safety equipment correctly and efficiently can make the difference between a small accident and an emergency which can result in damage to property or personal injury. For even more comprehensive training, consider our fire warden and first aid courses as well.

Adelaide Safety Training provides one of the most comprehensive training courses for businesses in South Australia. Our course is designed to minimise fire-related threats to your business, personnel and your community.

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