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Fire/Emergency Warden Training – Chief Warden

Fire/Emergency Warden Training – Chief Warden


Adelaide Safety Training provides fully accredited WHS, Fire Warden, Fire Awareness and First Aid training courses in Adelaide and across regional South Australia. We are one of the most professional workplace health and safety training organisations, and can help your business comply with the latest regulations as well as reduce WHS-related costs.


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The course “PUAFERCOMB – Combined Emergency Training” covers the competency required for Chief Fire Wardens (PUAFER006, Lead an emergency control organisation) and general fire wardens (PUAFER005, Operate as part of an emergency control organisation) to make decisions about people’s safety during a workplace emergency and to give instructions on the priority order for responding to the emergency incident area. This training also comprises Fire Extinguisher training  (PUAFER008, confined small workplace emergencies).

The course has been developed to cover the broad range of emergencies and workplaces as considered in Australian Standard 3745-2010 and applies to employees in the workplace within all industries and in all contexts.

This course provides participants with the knowledge and skill to effectively fulfil their duties as a chief warden in the event of an emergency by demonstrating competencies as follows:

• Prepare for workplace emergencies
• Apply command, control and coordinate aspects of workplace emergency procedures
• Control the response to emergency reports, signals and warnings
• Coordinate reports and results of initial emergency response
• Conclude incident

Assessment will cover the ability to respond to emergency reports, signals and warnings properly; to give clear directions under emergency conditions; to make decisions appropriate to the situation; to keep others appropriately informed; to respond in accordance with the workplace emergency procedures; to take on a leadership role consistent with the emergency control organisation; and to operate in accordance with the command, control and coordinate framework of the emergency control organisation structures.

Adelaide Safety Training’s course “PUAFERCOMB – Combined Emergency Training- is 4.5 hours in duration.

Competency based training methods will be assessed through a combination of practical activities, written theoretical questions, observation reports and/or workplace simulation activities. A Statement of Attainment will be issued to successful participants.

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