Confined Space Training South Australia

Confined Space Training South Australia

With the rapid expansion and development of technology, we seldom take the time to regard our health and how it could be affected in a normal working environment. Technology has penetrated all industries and practices affecting them in some degree, positively or negatively. At Adelaide Safety Training, we embrace technology and technologically advanced courses to assist clients and provide them with a better understanding of first aid techniques, fire warden, fire extinguisher skills and confined space training. Confined space training reduces the risk of a confined space fatalities as employees learn the identification, hazards, risks and safety control measures applicable to confined spaces.

Additionally, confined space training helps workers understand what constitutes a confined space as well as increases awareness of the hazards that one can expect to find in a confined space. Increasing awareness to the dangers of confined spaces makes workers more alert to these dangers and results in them exercising increased caution, which results in fewer injuries, and more lives saved.

When it comes to confined space training Adelaide, we are the industry leading team that has a plethora of experience and knowledge. From first aid, workplace training courses, fire emergency all the way to confined space training south Australia and even operator training, our professional team here at Adelaide Safety Training will equip you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure that you are safe at work.


There is a substantial risk of rescuer fatalities if confined space workers are not adequately trained in the potential hazards that could be present during an incident and the safe rescue procedures to follow to rescue injured personnel.

Statistics show that there is a 15% increase in work related injuries from 2009 and that figure isn’t going down any time soon. With the male population as protagonists (89%) of injuries, we are aiming to administer knowledge and accurate courses, in order to educate people so these events will be minimised. AST will provide you premium confined space training SA and with the knowledge for you to tackle and assist anyone in need. Contact us today or alternatively browse our website for further information regarding specific health training courses available.


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